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Hi, my name is Almaz Milena  [miˈlɛnɐ]. Milena is a Czech name to mean love, grace and warmth – what I am making my life’s purpose to be about. I am a Kenyan writer, nature enthusiast, budding photographer and an artist of all kinds. Just sharing my life with you!

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Hi, I’m Milena. I have been writing as a hobby, but when I grow up – I hope I can be paid for this, and truly live my best life! When I’m not doing creative stuff, I love writing about my memories, adventure, escapades and living a healthy, mindful and organized life! I make clothes sometimes, and run some creative small businesses, Mazvazi Apparel for all things fashion and apparel and Almaz K. Art, a hub for everything art and crafts. I recently decided to pursue content creation, so, subscribe to my channel and engage with my content. Follow me on my platforms and support the biz as well!

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